Wednesday, April 18, 2012


When I close my eyes, I see vector paths and anchors, toolbars and color palettes, pathfinder options and grids.

I've thrown myself headfirst into the path of freelance illustration, and it's agreeing with me pretty well, I have to say.  I've spent the last two weeks or so getting reacquainted with Adobe Illustrator, and then some (eight years is a LONG time to spend away from a program, not to mention all the new features introduced!), and I've become a roaming urban nomad with Baz, making our office wherever we can find wifi and power.  We've taken up semi-permanent quarters at the Lincoln Center Atrium, a really cool space with plants growing out of two large sections of wall space, a vertical garden if you will:

(Photo courtesy of

It's actually a pretty swell spot to work if you can ignore the numerous hobos, though they often stay along the periphery, so it's not so distracting - admittedly, they're all on computers themselves...somehow, and for some reason.  Anyhow, Baz and myself have made this our "office", along with the business library in midtown, which I prefer to Baz's choice library, which is the main branch (with the lions out front) - it just has too many flights of stairs, and I'm nothing if not incredibly lazy.

So what have I been working on? My last two projects have been in conjuncture with Baz's clients, the first being a main page background for a renewable energy company, and the second being a (much more intensive) set of custom illustrated icons for an auction website.  Here's a peek at some of my work for those (links to my page):

So overall, I'm enjoying this - Baz has been wonderfully patient with me starting out, even if I can get a touch snippy and short with his "constructive criticism" hah.  I'm really (REALLY) enjoying being able to make my own hours, as well as work with Baz on my art.  I've been busy (days are, on average, 7-9 hours straight), but I feel relaxed yet challenged.  It's a good feeling.