Monday, March 17, 2014


Moving is stressful.  I can't help but wonder if it's part of the reason my blood sugar is starting to creep up again.  I'm sure a big reason is that we're eating out a bit more (which equals more white carbs ugh), but the level of stress sitting on my shoulders sucks.

Sushi, WHY YOU SO BAD FOR ME???  Photo courtesy of Yelp.

I'm still waiting to see what I'm doing with the mattress in Harlem.  I feel like we're eventually going to give it away for free or leave it downstairs.  Such a waste.  Still need to reinstall the child gates and repaint spackled holes (easy peasy).

As for the basement - ugh.  Baz and I dragged my canvases and records on a hand cart over the bridge - good workout, but man that uphill half is a drag.  Really gets the muscles going.  I still have the electronics to deal with, what a pain in my ass.  There's an e-waste recycling facility in Gowanus, so we'll probably throw everything in a cab and drive it over there to donate it, probably Tuesday.  A iMac, keyboard, large boombox w/speakers, and a giant old-school monitor.

That should be fun.  Pretty sure that's the one thing I'm majorly stressed about.  After that, I won't have much to wrestle with - maybe a milkcrate full of books, but that doesn't require a cart and me sweating while hauling ass over the East River.

Tomorrow (Monday) we're going to do some returns on stuff we have, then go to the Museum of Natural History for one last jaunt.  Should be fun!

The dioramas - always my favorite. Courtesy of

It's crazy to think that in a week, Baz and I will be in our own place.  Our very own place.  With only our stuff.  This has never happened before, and I am excited like woah.

Can't sleep tonight, so I've spent the night puttering around, cleaning up my parent's apartment (where we've been staying the past couple of weeks).  Unfortunately, it still kinda looks like a bomb hit it.  Ah well, all in due time.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lower Back Drama.

Today has been bizarre.  I've spent it in a haze of lower back pain, nausea, and sleeping.  Ate a meal with WAY too much fat last night (around 5pm), which didn't agree with me AT ALL.  Don't think it's food poisoning, per se, since Baz is fine for the most part, but I paid hell for it.  Let's just say I'll never be making low-carb meatballs again.  Ground beef, parmesan cheese, and egg is delicious but way to heavy!  I've been eating stuff like egg whites, turkey bacon, bran cereal, and tuna salad with avocado.  My body wasn't prepared for undrained and cheesy meatballs.  Never again.

As a result, all I've had to eat today has been a protein energy shake and a little container of applesauce.  How is this possible.  All I know is, I am full, and my BG is the lowest it's ever registered - 204.  Baz said, "Well, there's your answer! Just stop eating."  Of course, why didn't I think of that!  My blood sugar was 290 when I woke up, probably because I still had some of last night's dinner in my stomach, so it wasn't a true fasting BG.  But yeah, 204 - even though it's under impossible conditions, it's still pretty great that it even reached that.

I've spent the entire day with KILLER lower back pain, bloating, and general malaise.  Just want this to go away.  Slept a few hours here and there, and I'm still tired.  Ugh!  Lower back pain is terrible, it feels like the flu.  Plus, the movers are supposed to come tomorrow in the morning/afternoon to pick up our stuff (after a 2-day delay), so I'd better be in tip-top shape by then.