Saturday, July 14, 2012

Western Europe Wanderlust!

Baz and I finally tackled our vacation itinerary, after weeks of indecision and flip flopping around.

So...what's the plan?

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Berlin is first - After landing, we'll be staying here for five days.  Then, it's off to...

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Amsterdam!! Pretty excited, this was one of the top "gotta go to" cities on my (admittedly very long) list.  Crashing here for about a week, then we're bound for...

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Barcelona! Another one of the cities up there on my list, which makes me a happy squid, since the previous itineraries Baz and I came up with had a lot of hopping around no-name places simply because the cheap airlines flew there (Lappeenranta, Finland anyone? I hear it's lovely this time of year).

From there, it's back to Berlin for a day or two, before flying back to New York; broke, possibly hungry, and definitely tired.

Also, I looked up Lappeenranta for you all.  You're welcome.  On the one hand, this looks amazing.

On the other hand, I also got this back as a hit, so really it's your call in the end.


  1. Lappeenranta seems right up your alley! Perhaps next time... So jealous you're going to Berlin- that is top on my list of 'Places to go in the near future'. And good choice with Barcelona and Amsterdam (I still love the city despite crying my eyes out next to a hotel that laughed at my face when I asked for a room).

  2. Hey, don't knock Finland. It was one of the surprises of all my travels ... every town is surrounded by water. Simply gorgeous. Still, I love your itinerary!

  3. @Nic: Berlin is practically Baz's other girlfriend as far as I'm concerned. Amsterdam seems the trickiest - its super pricy and the only room we could get that wasn't a hovel and still in our price range is being rented out by a fabulous lookin black chick named "John". I kid you not. We got it, though, so what can you do. Still looks like a kick-butt city.

    @Aunt B: Finland looked gorgeous! So did all of scandanavia for that matter, I just wish the cheap airlines flew into the main city airports there and not the ones located 100-150km outside the city. Baz and I were hoping to possibly visit Reykjavik (would you believe I spelled that right the first try??), but it'll have to wait for another time for us.