Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 3: The Kebab Guys Must Think We're Stalking Them

It's been a HOT day in Berlin - 95F, sunny and clear...practically boiling for here! Added to this is the fact that there is no air conditioning or fans ANYWHERE and you've got yourself one hot german city.

Baz and I started the day late...again.  The time difference is killing us!  Even though I tried to readjust myself, I wasn't much good at it, and as a result we're falling asleep at 3 or 4am.  We decided to have our own Sunday brunch at a turkish place right on the corner by us called Wunderlampe, and we tried currywurst with pommes.  Pretty darn tasty, and a decent price at 2.80€ for a plate.

Currywurst = Om noms

After somehow devouring this huge plate of food, we ventured out into the heat and tried to go to Museum Island.  I say "tried", because when we got off the train, it looked like a european ghost town.  Few to no cars, one or two people on bicycles, no one walking around.  We chalk it up to it being a Sunday, but I still find it odd that on a weekend there's no one out, especially on a "day off", and especially in a tourist area.  

Waterway on the south side of Museum Island

We wandered around for a bit along the river, but the heat and the sun was too much and we diverted into a train soon after, feeling a bit dejected but relieved to be out of the heat.  We headed to Alexanderplatz to walk around (which was oddly dead as well), and jumped on a tram to ride around and take in the sights.

Radio tower from afar

Jumped off and then jumped onto another tram, then got out at the terminus.  Walked around a corner, and suddenly found ourselves smack dab in the middle of the action on Museum Island...go figure.  Walked past the front of museums (I think we found it far to expensive to go in, admission to the Pergamon Museum, which is really the only museum I wanted to see, was something like 15€ per person...and like I said, practically a hobo.  So we simply walked around, and walked through a cool street fair/market area on the side of the stretch of museums, where they were selling all sorts of nifty things like art and coins and old medical instruments, which ISN'T CREEPY AT ALL.

This got slightly annoying once we get into the really touristy area and we started having waiters at the outdoor cafes try to pull us into their restaurants.  Bitch PLEASE!  If I want to eat at your restaurant, I'll do it! If I don't, trying to sucker me into it sure isn't gonna work.  PLEASE.

Afterwards, we made a pit stop, got MORE currywurst, walked around the main drag in our neighborhood, then jumped on the train and headed over to Alexanderplatz, which was a lot more jumping when it wasn't almost boiling out like it was during the day.  Walked around a bunch in search of the ever elusive drink-that-doesn't-cost-an-arm-and-a-leg-in-a-high-tourist-traffic-area (we found it!) and high tailed it to Kreuzberg to try and score some cheap turkish food.  It occurs to me now that my journey in Berlin seems to be centered on cheap tasty food, and pretty much nothing else.  Baz is, not surprisingly, okay with this.  

At this point, it was about 11pm, and once we reached Kreuzberg, only two places were really open - Curry 36 (no more currywurst today please!) and Mustafas, which had a line about 40 people deep (it makes sense, they're good and a huge ass wrap is less than 3€, so thats good eatin).  I was not having any of it, so we jumped back on the train and headed home.

After some grumbling and lamenting on no good food (we have three slices of ham in the fridge as a last resort), we wandered back down to the turkish place on the corner to see if they were open.  It was 12:15am at this point, and I wasn't so sure they'd be open.  To our delight, they were, and not only that, they're open until 4am EVERY FREAKING DAY.  We indulged in two chicken döners and some good beer, for a grand total of 7.10€ that left us both very full.  Even Baz.  To put this in context, Baz would eat his entire arm if it didn't hurt him, so this was pretty special.

Huge chicken döner and a Berliner Kindl.  Good eats!!

All in all, a nice day.  We have another two days here, and then it's off to Amsterdam!  Looking forward to the Tiergarten and the Zoo tomorrow, as well as (probably) more food from the turkish place on the corner. For sure.

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