Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 7: Walking My Legs Off

So this is where we're staying:

Breezeway between buildings

Crazy mural in the breezeway

Pretty far from the action, a little rough around the edges, but still nice, except for the punjabi techno blasting at 3am, the bonfires in the courtyard, and the cat choruses in the morning hours.

Crazy englishman in the breezeway
Thursday mostly consisted of (yet again) walking around...we attempted to do the Rijksmuseum, but we didn't get out of the house till 3pm, and the museum closes at 6, which would only give us just a couple of hours for it all.  In retrospect, thats a decent chunk of time, but I hate being kept to a timeline, so we opted to simply explore more.

You can't see it, but there's a daywalker in one of these boats.  You South Park people will know what thats' about.
Up and down the streets, the canals, the small curved roads.  We walked around a district called Nine Streets, which is basically a condensed SoHo/TriBeCa with older buildings...really cute stores, but I'm not on a budget to be spending any money, let alone money in a country where my home currency is worth way less.  Super tempting, though!

Other things we came across: 

Electric cars:
Baz and I are still trying to figure out why they're crossing streams

Bikes.  Many, many bikes:

An adorable cat that I'm choosing to name Sir Archduke Fluffy Lumpy Wuddle Butts:
I just came up with that name on the spot, if you can't tell

We headed home for dinner (ravioli with mushrooms sauteed in brown butter, with tomato sauce, grand total 2€ for the both of us, god I love Lidl), then went back out to explore after dark.  Shit gets crazy on Thursday nights - it seems that all stores stay open later on Thursdays (though that craziness we experienced might just be because it's Amsterdam).  Not sure why Thursday is the big late night day, but it means stores close at 8pm or 10pm instead of the standard 5 or 6pm.  Why stores close this early is beyond me, it must make shopping on the weekends a nightmare and a half.  We braved the night crowds for a couple of hours, then decided to head back.

Night canal action
For Friday: The Rijksmuseum and beyond!

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