Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Got to make a Trader Joe's run this morning.  Happy day!  Got a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to for awhile (Chai mix, breads, sugar, peanut butter) plus some snackaroos (white cheddar puffs and yogurt covered pretzels, amazing!).  Afterward, got to sit in Astoria Park and crochet for a spell - the weather is just amazing and warm, and I'm hoping it holds out this way for as long as possible until winter...I feel like this winter is going to be just awful.

Got my CSA share this evening!  Beets (in all sorts of cool reds and oranges), peppers, eggplant, mini tomatoes, green beans (agh, so many green beans) and...mei qing choi?  It's pretty much just bok choy, so that should be interesting to cook.  The share was a touch smaller this week, another reminder that cooler weather is a-comin'.

Because my life is oh so hard and agonizing, after I came back from the park I decided I was going to take a nap.  That lasted all of a half hour before I ended up getting a phone call from a number in the city.  Just-Waking-Up me gets all disoriented around phones, so I let it go to voicemail until I thought, "Hm, that number sounds familiar...".  I looked it up and it was West Chelsea (the place I did my working interview last Thursday).  I'm still in "praying for the best but expecting the worst" mode, but basically the voicemail was from the tech who ran my interview telling me he just wanted to go over my interview process and extend the job offer to me.  So I'm being practical and reserved, but I'm really very happy and excited on the inside!  I'm going to call him back first thing tomorrow morning (wasn't able to get a hold of him upon calling back) to accept it and see what I need to do.  So thrilled!!!

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  1. See what a run to TJ and an afternoon power nap can do?? Congratulations on the call ... and happy hooking!