Sunday, October 09, 2011

Night ramble.

Looks like some obligatory first post awkwardness is in order.  Couple of years late, too, might I add.

Kind of excited to be writing again - I used to keep a livejournal, but haven't updated it since April of last year.  Even then, it was slow going for the last year of posts or so, and I think I jut fell out of favor with it.  I'd been posting since 2003, and I think I simply...outgrew it.  Rather, my life became incredibly boring for about a year, then incredibly amazing for a short while (with a flurry of posts to match), then incredibly busy, upon which I simply stopped writing due to lack of time/interest/audience. 

 Hopefully this blog will be a window on my new life ahead and the crazy antics I'll be getting myself into, as always (that hasn't changed, thankfully).

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